Within this final series I will be teaching you some final few lessons. The first lesson is to learn to invest in your skin. Some of my skin saviours are not cheap (although they do last long) and it wasn't until I tried them that I realised that sometimes spending that extra bit of cash really does make a difference. If you are willing to spend £30 on a new top, why not invest it in your face?

My top, pricier, skincare brands are the brands I really suggest you try if you want to see a real difference in your skin. I trust them and all of their products and you can go to a counter to seek advice or shop about online. There favourite brands of mine are: Origins, Ren, Alpha H, Liz Earle and Indeed Labs.

My ultimate skincare products I would recommend to you are:
Origins Oil Free Cleanser
Alpha H Liquid Gold
REN AHA Resurfacing Concentrate
Origins Night-A-Mins Moisturiser
Indeed Labs Hydraluron

I really believe with a few of these products, you can begin to change your skin and start a new relationship with skincare. This is where lesson number two comes in: Commitment. You won't have new skin in a week, it takes hard work and a lot of tlc. Try not to stress that it isn't working immediately - stress will only contribute to your skins problems. If you learn to cleanse your skin properly and moisturise it daily, it will thank you. Once your skin is improving, don't stop! It will relapse, this new relationship is for life so learn to love this routine and to love your skin.

The final lesson is links into commitment and loving your skin. If you love your skin, you will look at it and notice any differences. Our skin changes with age, climates, stress, etc. Change your routine and products to suit your skin, if it is becoming drier, try a more hydrating moisturiser, something heavier. If you are becoming redder, see whether it is because your skin is becoming sensitive to a product. A little love mixed in with some good quality products, some of which are available on a budget, others you may have to invest a little more on, you will see a difference and truly look after your skin. As Caroline (all hail) Hirons would say "You only get one skin!".

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