If you didn't already know, in a few months I shall be packing my life and moving to Nice for a year. Due to this I have realised that I may get a little darker in the Nicoise sun and all of my products only fit my current (NC30) skintone. As I have been wanting to try out Mac Studio Finish Concealer for a long time, I decided to purchase this palette which caters to my current skintone and also has some darker shades for the warmer weather! Two birds, one palette!

The palette in the shade medium contains the shades: NC30, NW25, NC35, NW35 a mid-yellow corrector and a mid-peach corrector.

Some may be intimidated by the palette but you shouldn't be. It is terrific. You can mix shades to make the perfect colour match, you have extra shades if you tan, natural or fake! You can mix a little of the darker concealers into your foundations to darken them if you have tanned. Plus you can mix the concealers with the correctors to cover anything! I find that the yellow is best for any purple tones and to brighten it and to lift any dark pigmentation. The peach shade is great for any blue-tones such as darkness under the eyes.

Overall, I am so pleased I bought this product. Six concealers for £35. I really can't complain! Other shades are also available online or in a Mac Pro Store!

What do you think of the concealer palette?


  1. This sounds so good, amazing for countouring as well! Living in Nice for a year sounds lovely xx

    Olivia - cravemorebeauty.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Indeed however it would be incredibly subtle contouring (I am often too lazy to contour haha) yes I am very excited and don't worry. I shall certainly be documenting my move there on the blog and all the French products I discover :) x



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