Being a fairly new blogger on the Beauty scene, I have tried to avoid the over-hyped already raved about products. Yes, I have them and yes, I love them but there is enough discourse out there about them and sometimes I feel that if I don't have something new to bring to the table about it then why bring it up?

This may seem contradictory now but I have recently purchased the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. I fell for the hype. I was unwilling to purchase it as I just thought, a refreshing spray for the face? Twenty pounds? Pah! What a waste of money. But let me tell you, I was wrong.

You all know about its small ingredient list, filled with healthy, minty, refreshing goodness. And this certainly translates when sprayed onto the face. My face feels so fresh, so alive. I don't know why every woman in the world doesn't have this! If you need a pick-me-up, if it is a bit warm, if your feeling nauseas, if you want to refresh your make-up. You name it, it will work its magic and fix it! The real reason why I picked this up is because it is (supposed to be) fantastic for acne and this past week I have been having a few break-outs as I have been purging from my first week of my Clarisonic and wanted to help it. Whether it helps or not, I do not know. Time will tell, but even if it doesn't, I will still love it. I bought the larger sized bottle and spray around 4 (or 6) sprays on my face, almost daily and it is still pretty much full so can see this lasting a surprisingly long time, I had it pegged as a two-week product!

Overall, a great and deservedly hyped product. If you haven't tried it I would suggest giving it a spritz in your local Space NK!

Are you a lover of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir?

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