I have never really been one for haircare. My hair is in pretty good condition, it is naturally straight so there are rarely any heated appliances used on it and I usually let it air-dry. However, there are a few staple products I need to keep it looking soft and fresh.

Pre-cleanse I love to use the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal which is a balm which you rub between your hands to transform into an oil and then you apply it onto dry hair about half an hour before you plan to clean your hair. It is full of natural oils which make it smell delicious! I find that my hair stays smoother for longer so second day hair doesn't have as many crispy ends as it used to. I stay away from the roots as I do have oily hair but think this is great for softening and keeping hair moisturised.

The next two products are usually second day hair products. Of course we all know and love Batiste Dry Shampoo, which is to me just a good dry shampoo. I use it to remove oil and make hair look, well, clean. I don't love using this often as it does feel heavy in my hair so I am still on the hunt for something lighter but with this being in every store, it is usually the one I pick up!

Secondly, is Phyto 7, which I have a review of here. I use this almost as a moisturiser for my hair as it is a cream. I apply it to the ends where they are dry and this just smooths out the ends and makes my hair feel soft and new again. It really is my favourite hair product I have encountered as even though my roots are oily the ends of my hair like to get dry so this keeps them wonderful and smooth!

What are your hair care heroes?

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  1. Great products! I've been meaning to finally try a dry shampoo!




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