I don't know what I like more about this lipstick, the beautiful shade or the French name for it... La cerise sur le gateau which translates to: the cherry on the cake. And I feel like this describes it perfectly, the lipstick being the cherry and your face being the cake that is.

It is a steal for only £2.50 which you can get from amazon. It is a little drying on the lips and tugs however if you make sure your lips are well prepped then you should have no problem! I have managed to somehow break mine so the bullet won't twist to release more product however at about 1/6 of the price of a Mac lipstick, who am I to be complaining?

The colour is a wonderful deep bright pink, it reminds me of Mac Rebel but without the purple tones in it. I would say it is more pink than a raspberry pink. It is incredibly pigmented and quite long lasting, if you suffer from dry lips perhaps stay away from this or add a lip balm on top of it? Overall, an incredible product for the price tag!

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