Revlon knew they had a good thing with the Revlon Lip Butters so they thought, hey, why end it here? Let's make some BRAND NEW SHADES!!! YAY. Now, if you do not know, I love the Revlon Lip Butters, here I have a post dedicating my unprofessed love for them! 

If I could, I would have bought every new shade but as Boots were having a 3 for 2 offer on all cosmetics, I decided to just pick up three: Red Velvet, Juicy Papaya and Wild Watermelon. 

The new shades are very spring and also cater to different skin tones with lighter-darker shades. Juicy Papaya, is perhaps my least favourite of the three, it is a creamy peachy-orange colour however it is quite light. Swatched, it really is a beautiful colour however on my skin tone it can look a little to light and creamy and not bright enough. I intend to use this as a coat pocket lip product, easy to wear and moisturising!

Wild Watermelon is a beaaautiful colour, especially for Spring and Summer. It is, as the name states, a watermelon shade, a beautiful pink/red which is bright without being neon. This colour suits most skin types and I am in LOVE with this shade! It looks quite glossy so keeps that fresh spring look on the lips and makes them look just oh-so-juicy.

Finally, a colour I thought I would never see in a lip butter or out of its usually matte home is Red Velvet. Red Velvet is a dark, burgundy red-wine colour and a colour you wouldn't associate with moisturising formulas. This is why this shade was a must-have as it is so unique. Korres Lip Butters do cater to darker shades such as Plum and Rose however they are only a sheen of colour whereas the Revlon Lip Butters do pack a punch with their pigmentation!

 Overall, the quality of the products have remained the same and they have expanded their line with new colours which we haven't seen before in lip butter formulas. Revlon were on a role with their releases last year and do not look like they are going to be stopping any time soon!

Have you tried the new Lip Butter shades?

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