Dior Nail Glow

For the past week I see myself wanting to sport a clean nail and have been reaching for this little gem. The Dior Nail Glow is a new addition to their, and my, collection. As with their other glow products it works with the pH Balance to adjust its shade to fit you (cool, right!?) Whether this shade differs from nail to nail I do not know however I am in love with the finish of it!

On my nails it leaves them it a very subtle pink sheen and a very clean glossy coat! It is perfect for that polished, effortless, perfect look! Plus, if you struggle to find a colour for the perfect French Manicure, this is certainly it as I find myself with shades too pink, too pale, too opaque and this really does give you the perfect nail colour!

I apply this without a base coat, to let it do its magic pH balancing thang!  A very quick and easy look! Perfect for those on the rush as two coats and you are done (as opposed to base coat, two coats of your chosen colour then top coat) In my opinion it is a winner, despite its hefty price tag of £18!

BEFORE - Without polish
AFTER - With polish

What is your favourite "polished" colour?

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