Well lately I  have been OBSESSED with Nars and want to own their entire collection. I have already got some blushers and a highlighter. However being beauty obsessed, this is simply not enough!

However, I have made my WISHLIST (hard copy in my notepad so that when I do have some money I can purchase IMMEDIATELY)

Here is my I LOVE AND NEED YOU Nars Wishlist:

1. Now to complete my Nars blush collection, what my heart is desperately wanting (but can wait until Summer for) is Nars Deep Throat Blush

2. My second I NEED THIS product (limited edition so I have to step on that purchase) is the And God Created The Woman Set which was created with Brigitte Bardot as their inspiration (I mean, who doesn't want to wake up and look like Brigitte Bardot!?) Therefore I neee-heeeeed this set! (Plus it will be an excellent introduction to Nars eyeshadows for me)

3. LIPS. I LOVE RED RED LIPS! I NEED Nars Mascate in my lipstick collection ASAP. Now I have plenty, PLENTY, of red so I can not excuse this purchase but I plan to lust over it whilst window shopping the next few weeks and we shall see how strong my will-power lasts.

4. And finally, another lip product, well, the same but in a different colour! I would love to add the beautiful Nars Moscow into my lipstick collection as my addiction to coral has opened the door to the orange desire. I am not much of an orangey-girl, I love them on others however I have never had any real desire or longing for a little orange... until now. Moscow is just the perfect orange-red which is a gateway orange and one of those perfect summer reds, so therefore can wait... for now. (p.s. Orange-Reds are my mums FAVOURITE so I may have to purchase two of these babies so that one doesn't mysteriously get "lost")

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